Two Great Women: Barbera Shaefer Berdner and Catharine Bramcamp on Just Jan

30 minutes · 2017

Barbera Ammahlia Shaefer Berdner and Catharine Bramkamp are two powerful women in service to the Greater Good. Barbera returns to the Just Jan show to share more magic and wisdom. She is a gifted Light Body Practitioner, Name Alchemist and Dog Sled Racer. Catherine is an ace Social Media expert who has worked with Authors, Business Owners and her approach makes others sit up and take notice of her clients. Residents of Nevada City, they are a beautiful example of Women Helping Women SOAR....Sounding our Authentic Resonance.
Hiroko Greenburg is also featured for her Delightful Sushi class, a Master of Asian cooking.

Keywords: Just Jan, Women Helping Women SOAR, SOAR, Barbera Ammahlia Shaefer Berdner, Catharine Bramcamp, Womens Leadership

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