Meditation and Discussion on Just Jan, Choose Light!

30 minutes · 2017

Join Jan for this discussion about the Tragedy we are experiencing and the need to choose to step into our own Light. Are we going to Hell in a handbag? It might seem like it, but we can look at the overall picture to remember HOPE.
The talk is followed by a meditation. We are in troubling times and the fear and hate are becoming visible monsters. And we can become Visible lightworkers to stand for and speak up for peace and justice. And when I say, no one is to blame...I mean we are all part of this, and are victims
within a society that rewards hate, competition, divisiveness, and POWER OVER others!! Those that turn away from the light and create harm to others certainly must be held responsible and removed from society. Ultimately we must (and will I hope) all choose to be responsible for ourselves and our thoughts and creations to a higher standard. Our world depends on it.

Keywords: Jan Jorgensen, Women Helping Women SOAR, Just Jan show, Spirituality, Sound and Light Healing Arts

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