Garden Goddess Susan Gouveia on Just Jan

30 minutes · 2017

Today's show features the Encore of Garden Goddess aka Susan Gouveia of Nevada County.....Such an interesting talented woman.. and I crowned her Queen of Weeds as she makes a great pesto pizza with dandelion greens!!!! Susan is on a mission to share with the community about sustainable gardening & cooking methods. In 2010, she started the local group, The Society of Garden Goddesses, (now a group of 1200 men and women). We share tips, recipes and lots of laughs! She wanted to take the seriousness & chore out of gardening and cooking and get people excited about experimenting with food grown in one's own garden. She has been creating her own recipes and teaching adults & children for 35 years! She has studied with chefs and farmers in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Peru and France. She has Certifications in Community Building, Master Gardener and Permaculture Design Consultant. Current projects include Farm Tours and Tastings, Gardening and Cooking Retreats & Podcast Garden Goddess Power Hour.

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