7 Success Blocks Keeping Brilliant Women Working Harder Than Men

54 minutes · 2018

Join Dr. Mary Oz and Dr. Valerie Baker as we discuss how Brilliant and Powerful Women can grant themselves permission to succeed, in all areas of their life. The full title of Dr. Valerie's interview is "Permission to Succeed: 7 Success Blocks that Keep Brilliant Women Working Way Harder than Men to Create and Enjoy Success in All Areas of their Lives."

Dr. Valerie will share with us 7 Powerful Success Blocks that hold woman back from claiming their own Outrageous Success and discovering their own genius!

Join and and discover what it takes to be Outrageously Successful and what has to happen in order to enjoy and revel in your achievements.
Dr. Valerie is always looking for powerful, brilliant women to help her change this disturbing trend in order to help as many woman as possible benefit from her Success Revolution!

Dr. Valerie will be sharing a free gift.

Keywords: Success, Coaching, women, brilliance, genius, self-doubt, self-sabotage, cultural conditioning

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