Being a Woman Leader in a Man's World

56 minutes · 2018

Have you ever felt stuck in the ranks, passed over for promotions you deserved? Had to work twice as hard to get half the notice from your male co-workers? Felt like your feminine power got shut down every time you put on that uniform? Then this is a must-listen show for you! For over 30 years, Yvette McDowell has lived the challenges of being a woman in a man's world as a first responder (firefighter-paramedic) and assistant city prosecutor. She now shows women how to stand confident and lead in their feminine power to change the game for the better. Join Linda Patten and her guest, Yvette McDowell, as they discuss the challenges she overcame and the skills she teaches for women to become confident leaders without losing their feminine power. Gift: If you want to become that respected leader, grab her free guide: "5 Keys to Stand Confident and Lead in Your Feminine Power!"

Keywords: Leadership, women, entrepreneur, success

Category: RHG TV Network

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