Conscious Co-Parenting Solutions for Families with Alienation

56 minutes · 2018

Come listen to Dr. Mary Oz and Conscious Parenting Expert Dorcy Pruter as we discuss what to do when parents and families go through a tough divorce and innocent children get caught in the middle.

Dorcy created one of the world's leading co-parenting companies, The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, to meet the needs of parents wherever they are in the divorce process, while experiencing high-conflict with their children and spouse.

Dorcy is the undisputed expert on how to reunite parents with their alienated children and prevent family bonds from being obstructed!

If you or anyone you know is struggling with keeping a healthy relationship with their child due to a difficult divorce or custody battle, you will want to hear what Dorcy has to share. Helpful and insightful information guaranteed to be shared.

Keywords: parenting, healthy parenting, conscious parenting, parental alienation, parental alienation syndrome, reunification, high-conflict divorce

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