Releasing Stress & Burnout and Achieving Work-Life Balance

57 minutes · 2018

This week on the Radical Change Show with Dr. Mary Oz, I will be interviewing the lovely Lisa Sanfilippo! Lisa is an Uplift Your Life Nurse Transformation Coach. Her mission is to inspire, expand and transform the lives of 1 million nurses and other healthcare providers with her "Uplift Your Life" program. Lisa is the founder of the Sanfilippo Institute for Personal Transformation,LLC. During our show today Coach Lisa will be teaching us the 1st step you should take to release stress and burnout so that you can achieve Work - Life Balance! If you are experiencing stress or burnout, or know a nurse who is feeling exhausted, stressed and out of balance be sure to listen in as Lisa guides you to what can help and offers a Free Balance Breakthrough Self Discovery Assessment!

Keywords: Burnout, Stress, Nurses, Self Care for Nurses, Life-work balance, Healthy Living, Coaching

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