Let's Get Tender with Guest Host, Rebecca Hall-Gruyter

30:00 · 2018

Welcome to the very first episode of LET'S GET TENDER:Money Conversations That Matter on the Empowered Business Channel! A 30-minute weekly video podcast series with Certified Money Coach® Marlene Elizabeth and her amazing weekly guests who share their inner challenges, personal triumphs and inside tips and strategies so you can prosper, lead and love, bravely in business and life. In this special episode, Marlene has the honor and pleasure of being introduced and interviewed by the owner of RHG-TV Network (home of this podcast), Rebecca Hall-Gruyter. You'll discover what you can look forward to on this weekly show; why Marlene chose to create this podcast and her vision behind it; a behind-the-scenes peek at her new International bestselling book MONEYWINGS™; tips how to grow your personal moneywings, and much more!

Keywords: leadership, financial self-care, money coaching, moneywingsthebook, entrepreneurship, mompreneurs, brain personality

Category: RHG TV Network

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