Let's Get Tender with Special Guest Shellise Berry

30:00 · 2019

Welcome to The Let's Get Tender Podcast where special guests join me each week to share money conversations that matter for success in business and life. In today's episode, you'll meet Shellise Berry a Certified Expressive Art Practitioner, Intuitive Painter and Breast Cancer Survivor. You'll hear how this full-time crime analyst re-connected with her natural, artistic power to heal in her courageous battle with cancer....and how this led to the launch of her business to help others find peace, healing and joy through life's challenges using art. Plus, you'll learn why Shellise recommends money coaching, especially for creative artists to unfold their financial potential one brave feather at a time... and how you can meet us BOTH, LIVE in person 1-12-19! Get ready for the very first tender money conversation of the New Year on the creative power to prosper! To learn more about private money coaching with Marlene for creative entrepreneurs, visit www.MeetWithMarlene.com

Keywords: empowered business, money coaching, money wings, female entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, art therapy

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