Pattie Vargas - Building Resilience

55:36 · 2019

Do you find change difficult? Does more "personal resilience" sound like something you'd love to develop in 2019? You bet! Then, you'll want to tune in to this interview with a recognized leader in behavioral, organizational and personal change. Pattie Vargas will inspire you with her own journey to discover the difference between going under and pushing through. A popular conference speaker, author and coach, she also has for you a practical message and humorous stories to set you on the resilience path for yourself and your business. Join Linda Patten and her guest, Pattie Vargas, as they unpack why people find change so difficult, the #1 mistake organizations make when starting a change initiative, strategies you can develop in your life to make you more resilient during change, and much more.

Keywords: Leadership, women, empowerment, entrepreneur, success

Category: RHG TV Network

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