How to Invest from Abroad in US Real Estate for Passive Income with Francois Braine-Bonnaire

38:16 · 2019

Francois Braine-Bonnaire is a true Parisian who fell in love with he US after interning in LA and NY during his business school years in France. Real Estate in France always intrigued him but it was very pricey and difficult to break through due to their laws. Since then Francois has come to the US and founded USA-IMMO. They provide tested & experienced American professionals for turnkey real estate investments in 3 states.

Francois has now helped over 150 investors purchase more than 500 rental properties in the US. He personally owns more than 30 rental properties and has been enjoying the passive income it has created for him year after year.

In this episode, we talk about:

How you're able to capitalize on the market even if you aren't from the USA
How passive income can be created through turnkey rentals
Why you should focus on turnkey, long term rentals instead of flipping

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