Chico Goes Home To Nicaragua

2013 | 5:04 | Sports |

In TransWorld's October 2011 International Issue, we’ve got an article on Chico Brenes’ annual skate pilgrimage to his home country of Nicaragua. Along for the ride were Kenny Anderson, Steve Nesser, Jose Rojo, Luis Tolentino, Danny Montoya, and Rob Gonzales. Jon Coulthard handled photos, Mark Stewart on video, and our own Blair Alley was on documentary/journalism duty. What we created are four “Nicasodes” to show what it’s like in Nicaragua. From the locals’ lifestyles, to the picturesque beaches, to the rapidly growing skate scene, the rugged spots, and so much more. So settle in and open you mind to third world skateboarding.  

Keywords:, action, sports, snowboarding, skiing, motocross, biking, surfing, swimming, bikini, fitness, extreme

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