“dance like no one is watching – an original play by bonnie d. graham”

2016 | 28:53 | Entertainment |

It's Valentine's Day in the big city … but not everyone has a date.

What to do? Dance!

Eight singles sign-up to attend a Dance for Romance event at a glamorous ballroom. To raise the stakes, their matchmaker-hosts "Fred and Ginger" require the dancers to wear masquerade-style masks to keep their true identities a mystery.

What are the dancers REALLY thinking as they seek true love to the rhythms of Cha Cha, Hustle, Salsa and Rumba?

Welcome to Dance Like No One Is Watching, an original play by bonnie d. graham.

Keywords: Bonnie D. Graham, Ballroom, Dance, Romance, Play, Salsa, Hustle, NYC, masquerade

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