Insider Exclusive : Episode 30 - Anthem Blue Cross Profits Over People

2013 | 22:15 | News & Blogs |

Insider Exclusive Episode 30: Anthem Blue Cross Profits Over People. Like many insurance companies's Anthem Blue Cross tells their policyholders that they really care. Amazing as it may seem, John Grisham's "The Rainmaker" comes alive in this real life case against Insurance industry giant, "Anthem Blue Cross". They first approved life-saving Cancer treatments then completely switched gears, reclassifying these same "approved" treatments as "experimental"…resulting in the death of 49 year old Esther Dardinger, and How their Lawyer, Bob Palmer, the law firm of ROBERT GRAY PALMER CO. LPA took on Anthem Blue Cross got Justice for Bob & Esther Dardinger .  

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