Pure Stock : Episode 01 - Opening Night

2013 | 22:04 | News & Blogs |

Episode 1 of "Pure Stock" a reality series that follows the racing seasons of Pure Stock car racers in the heart of the Midwest at the Grundy County Motor Speedway in Morris, IL. Pure Stock, the newest division of stock car racing is for the absolute beginner. With a 4-cylinder junk car and a few hundred bucks, anyone can drive a racecar and win. It is opening night at Grundy County Speedway. Pure Stock car racing is explained and the stakes are discussed. DJ Werkmeister is introduced.  DJ Werkmeister shows up the competition and wins the first race of the season.  A visit to DJ at his family’s race shop sees them prepare for the next race. Back out for the second night of racing, a rumor flies through the pits that a target has been placed on DJ Werkmeister’s head.  Officials warn, that if the drivers crash into each on purpose, they will be thrown out.   At the end of the episode, a major accident involving DJ Werkmeister is foreshadowed.  

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