Pure Stock : Episode 03 - If the Flag ain't wavin', we ain't racin'.

2013 | 22:04 | News & Blogs |

Episode 3 of Pure Stock, the newest division of stock car racing is for the absolute beginner. With a 4-cylinder junk car and a few hundred bucks, anyone can drive a racecar and win. The drivers pull into the pits to find the rules have changed about how they are to line up.  A few drivers complain to officials that they have not received any points or very little points even though they raced every night of the season.  After the first bumpy races of the night including multi car pile-ups and a roll over crash, the Pure Stock drivers are called into a mandatory emergency meeting with officials.  During a heated discussion, the drivers are scolded for not following signals and flags.  A fight breaks out between Eric Boudreau father and another driver.  The drivers go back out on the track for the feature race of the night and Eric Boudreau wins the race.    

Keywords: voiceamerica.tv, monarch, xtreme, extreme, reality, television, sports, animals, conspiracy, history, food, crime, law, environment

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