Pure Stock : Episode 06 - Purestock Midseason Championship

2013 | 22:05 | News & Blogs |

Episode 6 of Pure Stock, the newest division of stock car racing is for the absolute beginner. With a 4-cylinder junk car and a few hundred bucks, anyone can drive a racecar and win. It’s Midseason championship night and double points will handed out to the racers.  It is make or break time for DJ Werkmeister, he must be perfect if he wants to take over Ryan Hoffman in points.  A driver accuses the officials of breaking the rules by allowing DJ, a 14 year old, to race even though he is not of the legal age to drive a car out on the street.  The officials defend DJ stating that his parents signed a waiver that allows him to race on the track.  Tension builds between DJ Werkmeister and Ryan Hoffman before the races.  After the first heat race of the night, officials tech inspect Ryan Hoffman’s car and discover he has modified the springs.  He is disqualified from the races that night and has no opportunity for points. Dejected, Ryan packs up and goes home.   Cyle Lindemuth sees this as his chance to become a serious contender for the championship.  DJ wins the feature race and is 1st in points and Cyle moves into second, Ryan Hoffman moves to third.    

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