The Life and Career of Actor Kevin Sorbo

2010 | 58:03 | Entertainment |

Actor Kevin Sorbo appears with David Gibbons on “In Discussion” International Television on June 1st at 8:00pm Pacific charting an amazing life in film and television. From early childhood through his phenomenal success in the role of Hercules and beyond, a picture is painted celebrating fortitude and knowledge of the craft of acting. The journey travels to the present day charting an inspirational career including his passion for kids and the sport of golf, both offering memories of his Father and childhood days at home in Mound, Minnesota. Kevin Sorbo appears again on the newly launching International Television Program at the In Discussion Television channel, broadcast through Voice America, this coming June 1 at 8.00pm Pacific. Visit www.davidgibbons.org for full details of this highly recognized programming reaching a worldwide audience.

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