The Potluck Revolution: Is This the Answer?

2016 | 30:43 | Positive Change |

Invite Grandma to talk to your group via videoconferencing, she's raring to go. Grandma once again combines passion and common sense as she shows us that we already know how to change our world and she challenges us to get over our brainwashing and get back to what we know works. We invite supporters of Trump, Evangelical Christians, Bernie Sanders advocates and everyone else to listen to this eye- and ear-opening talk about how we can and already are addressing the problems causing our rage. We shouldn’t be polarized. Find out right here what she means by the Potluck Society, and pass this on. Grandma has a plan and she’ll be putting out more information in the near future.

Keywords: Beth Green, Donald Trump, Evangelical Christians, Bernie Sanders, Socialism, Communism, Potluck

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