Travel Girls : Season 01 Episode 05

2013 | 23:06 | News & Blogs |

In Episode 5 of this exciting reality series six girls have been chosen to compete for the chance to be a television star with their own travel show. Traveling to Tokyo, Thailand, Sydney, Paris and Rome these girls will have to produce their own travel stories in each location, facing challenges with the locals, the production team and each other! Watch as the girls attempt to overcome their lack of experience as travel hosts while still trying to stay ahead of the other girls and move on in the competition. The Travel Girls have been divided and spread across the world.  Kira and Heather have hit Tokyo, but their minds aren’t on the competition, as Heather’s fiancé has called off their engagement.  Suzie has travelled to Paris with host Stacee, but Stacee’s demanding diva behavior is already causing problems for the crew.  Jarna and Natalie have hit Rome, but their producer Joe is far from happy with their performance and enthusiasm for the competition.  

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