Travel Girls : Season 01 Episode 11

2013 | 23:06 | News & Blogs |

In Episode 11 of this exciting reality series six girls have been chosen to compete for the chance to be a television star with their own travel show. Traveling to Tokyo, Thailand, Sydney, Paris and Rome the girls will have to produce their own travel stories in each location, facing challenges with the locals, the production team and each other! The top three girls Suzie, Natalie and Heather have each been sent off to a beautiful location in Australia with their own crew. On Hamilton Island Suzie is taking to the open sea, but Joe isnʼt impressed with her performance. In Sydney Natalie is experiencing the Opera House and Blue Mountains, but she is still struggling to get her personality across. And in Hobart Heather canʼt hide her lack of enthusiasm for the competition, as boyfriend problems take up all of her time. Heather also drops a bombshell about her role in the competition!  

Keywords:, monarch, xtreme, extreme, reality, television, sports, animals, conspiracy, history, food, crime, law, environment

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