3 Principles to Master Your Memory

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I'm delighted to have Chester Santos, aka, "The International Man of Memory" on the show.

Chester is a US Memory Champion, Founder of MemorySchool.Net and he has been featured on PBS, BBC World News and more! 

Look for Chester and his memory skills training in the 2020 documentary film, "David vs. Goliath!"

In this episode, Chester shares a bit about his life as a teenager. He also discusses the three principles to keep in mind for an astonishing and powerful memory. In fact, he demonstrates one of his powerful memory techniques on yours truly, ME!
I was amazed that I remembered so many random words with one of his techniques.

Check out Chester's Memory School at:

This episode is sponsored by Academy for Independence at www.afi4me.com. We specialize in accelerated learning strategies, Executive Function Coaching and Live Tutoring!

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