#5: Ask the Right Questions and the Right Answers will Come

2019 | 54:51 | RHG TV Network |

Welcome back! This week we welcome guests, Dr. Richard Pembridge and Dr. Temeaka Gray. Both are experienced healthcare nurse practitioners, scholars, and professional researchers with keen insights into the world of change management. Come visit with them as they share their learning of what didn't work that led them on their journey to find what does when taking care of you--the patient. When we ask the right questions, the right answers will come---often in surprising ways as we look to solving life's problems, particularly in healthcare. Much wisdom awaits as we challenge what we think we know to see if we are right or wrong through the wonders of research. Join us to heed the words of wisdom and advice from these brilliant professionals who faced tragedy and triumph; ultimately turning failure into success.

Keywords: Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner, Dr. Cheryl Lentz, Dr. Richard Pembridge, Dr. Temeaka Gray, Ask the right questions

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