A Call to Revolution: Trapped in a World of Insecurity & Money, But We Can Break Out!

2016 | 29:44 | Positive Change |

In this video, Beth lays it out – how and why we ALL feel insecure and how money dominates the choices we make. But the video doesn’t stop there. It continues with a call to consciousness about our need for a new society, a new spirituality and a new economy. And it concludes with a passionate reminder that if we have co-created the world this way, we can co-create a different world. This video gives us the relief of acknowledging how tough it is to live differently in the context of the world we have inherited, but it also stirs us to break the grip of what we believe is the way things have to be. This is spirituality in action – concrete, down to earth and universal. You will be moved. Watch it, like it and pass it on!

Keywords: Beth Green, Money, Spirituality, Revolution, Insecurity, Power

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