A Guide to Lowering Holiday Stress

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The holidays should be a time of Ho Ho Ho and holiday joy. This year being possibly virtual is no different. We should all be having a joyous time. The holidays really are the best of times and the worst of times. Our tidings of comfort and joy can so easily be devoured by the insatiable stress to do it all, be it all, and buy it all.

In this podcast I offer solutions to all the holiday stressors. Since keeping stress below the toxic line is so important to health, these are well worth the listen. It all starts with you taking care of you. If you don't fill your cup, you can't be there for the rest of your loved ones.

Planning now around the holiday triggers for stress will make for a much more enjoyable season. The key is to plan now to minimize the stress level as much as possible.

If you need help keeping your stress low, I am available for one on one coaching. Write to me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com. Stress is one of the topics I speak in summits about the most.


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