Ask for More and Expect to Get It (Back By Popular Demand)

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We negotiate from the time we're children to get what we want. Often, we lose that brilliant skill as we mature because we find ourselves unable to resolve conflict and don't know what to do next.

If this happens for you, our guest, Christine McKay, will teach you how to ask for what you want--and get it. 

This is a powerful episode, packed with ideas, tips, and strategies that can be applied in every area of our lives. 

We talk about finding common ground, how to gain leverage, the importance of non-negotiables, and when to walk away. 

After watching, you'll want to get Christine's book to learn more: www.T4T.link/WhyNotAsk

Starting in October, look for the "Tips for the Transition" podcast also on YouTube (live) and your favorite audio podcast channels.

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Keywords: conflict resolution, negotiation skills, negotiating in life, tips for the transition, Christine McKay, Maria Tomas-Keegan

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