At the Chef's Table : Season 01 Episode 06 - TRU

2013 | 22:21 | News & Blogs |

Episode 6 of this popular PBS series “At the Chef's Table” we celebrate the unique interaction between chef and guest. Host Alex Boylan travels coast to coast into America’s most celebrated eateries and gets behind-the-scenes access to some of the hottest chefs as they prepare for their best “Chef’s Table”. Join Alex Boylan for At the Chef’s Table - a dining adventure you won’t want to miss. In this episode we go to Michigan Avenue, which is located in the heart of Chicago and known for some of the best shopping around.  However the people of Chicago are as proud of their food as they are of their shopping and TRU is no exception.  This restaurant is a fine dining shrine offering progressive French cuisine that entices the taste buds and creates a dining experience unlike any other.  With a collection of artwork surrounding the diners, a meal at this restaurant is no everyday affair.  Head Chef Rick Tramonto has created the persona and presentation of a mad scientist with a dash of magician thrown into the mix.  We follow host, Alex Boylan, Chef Tramonto and pastry chef Gale Gand as they create dishes and desserts with unlimited imagination and taste for tonight’s diners at the chef’s table.  

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