At the Chef's Table : Season 01 Episode 12 - Artisanal Cheese Center

2013 | 22:21 | News & Blogs |

Episode 12 of this popular PBS series of entertaining and informative segments this series presents true-to-life stories of heroic dogs, this popular PBS series “At the Chef's Table” we celebrate the unique interaction between chef and guest. Host Alex Boylan travels coast to coast into America’s most celebrated eateries and gets behind-the-scenes access to some of the hottest chefs as they prepare for their best “Chef’s Table”. Join Alex Boylan for At the Chef’s Table - a dining adventure you won’t want to miss.  In this episode we visit New York which is known for its wide variety of dining options and none are more distinctive than the Artisanal Cheese Center, a dining experience unlike any other in the country.  Located inside a wholesale cheese warehouse this chef’s table prides itself on the enjoyment, education and sale of the world’s finest artisanal cheeses.  Here, cheese is aged to perfection and impeccably chosen to complement every course.  Host, Alex Boylan and Chef Terrance Brennan venture to one of the city’s many markets to find inspiration and ingredients for tonight’s meal that will highlight the numerous uses of cheese.  Guests will also have the opportunity to tour the five state-of-the-art refrigeration caves that create the precise environment needed for each cheese to reach its full potential.              

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