At the Chef's Table : Season 01 Episode 17 - Quattro

2013 | 22:22 | News & Blogs |

Episode 17 of this popular PBS series “At the Chef's Table” we celebrate the unique interaction between chef and guest. Host Alex Boylan travels coast to coast into America’s most celebrated eateries and gets behind-the-scenes access to some of the hottest chefs as they prepare for their best “Chef’s Table”. Join Alex Boylan for At the Chef’s Table - a dining adventure you won’t want to miss. In this episode we visit Tim Keating the master chef of Quattro, the American-Italian restaurant located at the Four Seasons Hotel and designed stylishly in modern décor. With contemporary paintings, red walls, and sterling steel accents, this iconic eating establishment warmly welcomes all Houston sophisticates and hungry travelers. Chef Keating believes in serving the freshest cuisine possible, often flavoring his cooking with herbs and spices picked from a local urban garden just hours before the meal. And you won’t believe where he gets his quail! Just ask Mr. Barrett, Houston quail farmer of fifty years. He catches and packages the quail “old school”. It’s no wonder that notable guests such as Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister John Major, and The Dixie Chicks have all dined at his Chef’s Table.  

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