Awakened Leaders Author Book Talk Series Part 4

1:01:51 | RHG TV Network |

In this episode Host Aeriol Ascher welcomes featured Author/Speakers:
April Shoemaker (5:12), Beth Proudfoot, (25:10), and Laura Schoolcraft (41:02)

Open your mind and an open your heart to receive the wisdom of these Awakened Leaders.
Join host Aeriol Ascher and the co-author's of book Awakened Leaders: Empowering Stories of Self-Healing, Triumph and Transformation. (due out in April 2022)

Each Author will share their own story of transformation and why they are stepping forward as an awakened leader at this time. Prepare to be inspired!

Keywords: Book Talk, Leadership, Authors, Speakers, transformation, self-healing, empowerment, coaching, parenting, counseling

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