Be Brilliant – Enjoy the Journey with V1H Consulting partner: Ron Coquia, founder of Transformational Productions

2018 | 32:52 | RHG TV Network |

Ron Coquia is on a life-long mission to create a powerful transformation in the world. He is a heart-centered visionary who has combined his experience and passion for personal growth, technology, and art to serve the world as a transformational coach and filmmaker. Ron founded Transformational Productions to support coaches, speakers, and conscious entrepreneurs in creating powerful videos and films to expand the transformational movement they are creating in the world. Ron also stars as one of the hosts for the online TV show “Radical Men TV – Men Taking the Risk to Tell All,” as well as his own show “Transformational Productions TV.”

Keywords: Irma Vargas, Ron Coquia, Personal Development, Team Building, Leadership Development, Heart-Centered Visionary

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