Believers: The Birdcage Theater Episode 1

2010 | 22:03 | Entertainment |

The Believers Paranormal Investigation team along with guest investigators Jim and Kristen Cease of Newark Delaware visit Tombstone Arizona to
take on one of the most infamous haunts of the West, The Birdcage Theater. The Birdcage served as the towns theater, saloon, gambling hall, and brothel
and was a favorite spot for legends such as Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, and Ike Clanton. While the theater closed in the late 1800’s it would seem the past
is still very much alive and well inside this historical landmark.

Keywords: believers, chris hambright, ghosts, ghost hunting, spirit, ghost town, voiceamerica.tv, EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, EMF Detector, Haunted, Paranormal, Paranormal Evidence

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