Blacks, Jews and Justice

2015 | 13:25 | Positive Change |

Here’s a fascinating glimpse into a reformed Jewish rabbi who is just one of many fighting for justice. See snippets of Rabbi Seth Limmer at the March for Justice that ended September, 2015. See the Torah that he and others carried throughout the march. Find out why a Jewish Rabbi won’t stop with the inner life, but is calling us all to action. And listen to our radio interview, which will be broadcast live Thursday, October 1 and will be available afterward at Inner Revolutionary Radio on VoiceAmerica.com. On that show, you will get a more in-depth understanding of what moves Rabbi Seth Limmer and his movement.

Keywords: March for Justice, Civil Rights March 2015, Rabbi Seth Limmer, Reform Rabbis and March for Justice, Torah in March for Justice, Blacks and Jews, Jews and social activism, Reform Judaism

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