Bloom Where You are Planted and SHINE! - 4th in Series

2017 | 54:49 | Womens Empowerment Series |

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter (RHG TV Network) for our special Bloom Where You are Planted and SHINE! interview series. Rebecca will be talking with and highlighting: Coach Sherry Winn (Coach Winn Speaks), Ione Wendy Sidwell (Ione Life Coach), Marlowe Allenbright (VitalityPlanner), and Teresa Hawley Howard (Women On A Mission) as we share special highlights from our soon-to-be released book, "Bloom Where You are Planted and SHINE!" Lean in and enjoy special highlights from the book, the behind-the-scenes stories from the book, and some great tips and secrets on how to bloom and shine. We will share from our hearts to your heart.

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