Calling All Artists: Dr. Pam Jones and River & Word Magazine

32:49 | RHG TV Network |

Dr. Pam Jones, CEO of the 2020 Award-Winning Magazine, River & Word, talks about her contributions with promoting artists in music, dance, writing and more!

Dr. Pam is an author, dancer, painter and most importantly, a mother of two college girls! In this episode, she talks about the current goals of River & Word magazine and the new ventures of the magazine for 2021. 

She shares her story of teen life and offers some great tips for parents. She is formerly a middle school teacher, so her insights come from not only being a mom herself, but also, her experiences as a teacher.

For more information on how Dr. Pam and River & Word can contribute to your life or promote your talent, visit her website at: riverandword.com

Sponsored by: Academy for Independence [AFI} (www.afi4me.com). AFI provides independent learning assessments, academic coaching and executive functioning skills to middle school - college students.

Theme Music Credit: Paulo von Simson

Facebook: Pam Mayes Jones https://www.facebook.com/pam.mayesjones.1

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