Chadly Krifa and Nicolas Van Varenberg, Pilier, LLC

2017 | 47:27 | Business |

Chadly Krifa, co-founder of Pilier LLC, was born in Los Angeles and raised in Oklahoma. He specializes in creating strategies for clients, helps with day to day operations, and makes sure that all client goals are met. From realtors, politicians, business professionals. and celebrities like Jean Claude Van Damme have utilized his professional services to enhance their online presence. Nicolas Van Varenberg, co-founder of Pilier LLC, Los Angeles born and raised. Nic is 21 and currently studying at Arizona State University. He is a natural born artist making his debut in the upcoming film "Kickboxer: Retaliation", as well as graphic design for Pilier's websites and clients. His creativity fuels Pilier and allows production of other ventures such as t-shirt design for various YouTube Celebrities.

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