Chapter Three: Choosing Your Medium: Radio or TV

2017 | 50:16 | Entertainment |

This week VoiceAmerica.com CEO Jeffrey Spenard and Vice President of Broadcast Operations Ryan Treasure will dive into the often argument “Choosing Your Medium: Radio or TV?”. Times have changed with the advent of low cost and simple to leverage platforms such as VoiceAmerica.com and VoiceAmerica.TV, as both deliver a unique platform for Finding Your Frequency. Jeff and Ryan will discuss how VoiceAmerica delivers both avenues for content creation, delivery, and distribution. Why both are important and how seasoned or new to media contributors are leveraging the formats. Special guest this week is Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Host of the radio show "Empowering Women, Transforming Lives" and TV Channel, who is creating an online persona leveraging radio and internet TV. Rebecca will bring her vast experience in Finding Her Frequency and how leveraging both platforms accentuate the other. In addition, Jeff and Ryan will chat with our very own Jon Missall, Director of VoiceAmerica.TV, who will deliver his opinions on “Choosing Your Medium” through his over 40 years of Media experience.

Keywords: VoiceAmerica.com, VoiceAmerica.tv, Jeff Spenard, Ryan Treasure, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Jon Missall, TV, Radio

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