Chapter Two: Defining Your Audience

2017 | 49:30 | Entertainment |

This week Jeffrey Spenard and Ryan Treasure will continue the series on the book "Finding Your Frequency" with chapter 2 "Defining Your Audience". In this episode Jeff and Ryan walk through the questions to ask yourself when determining your audience and identifying the value points for the listener. Questions to focus on include "What does a listener gain from Listening?" and "How best to deliver an interactive program to the listening audience?". Our guests this week include Mr. Randall Libero, Sr. Executive Producer at VoiceAmerica.com. Randall has over 25 years of media experience and will share his expertise for new and growing radio hosts. We will also discuss "Defining Your Audience" with Mr. Eric Zuley from Ezway Broadcasting who is listed in the top 10 social media influencer by Billboard weekly. Eric is a well-known producer, brand positioning strategist and TV host personality. In addition, Eric has interviewed over 2500 celebrities and public figures and is ranked on IMDB. EZWay's distribution consists of Hollywood Weekly Magazine, WCBOM.COM, Fan TV Global Networks, Comcast, Dish Network, Amazon Fire TV, and much more! Tune in each week for Finding You Frequenct Live at 2 pm Pacific / 5 Eastern!

Keywords: Jeff Spenard, VoiceAmerica.tv, voiceamerica.com, Eric Zuley, EZWay TV, Ryan Treasure

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