Children Part 4, The Importance Of Getting Children Outdoors

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Our children are not getting exposed enough to the joys of being outdoors and the health benefits that come with being in nature. They have been coined "The Indoor Generation: 90% of their time is spent indoors. A lack of daylight is impacting our children's ability to learn, increasing their blood pressure, and causing depression in 15% of our kids. To make it worse, the air in our homes is poor quality, and it is most polluted in children's rooms and five times more polluted than the outdoor air. 

When our children do get outside, everything is scheduled. We are keeping them very busy in their off-hours and not allowing them to be and to enjoy exploring the great outdoors, which could happen in city or country living.  

I share tips on how to enroll your children in non digital outdoor activities.

I am a health coach. Need accountability and tips for a healthier life from what to eat to lifestyle changes that improve your long term health?

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