Chong Kim- from Human Trafficing Victim to An Inspirational Advocate

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Chong Kim is a renowned speaker, author and a film maker. Her story inspired the film, Eden, which can be accessed on Amazon Prime. Ms. Kim has been educating the public for over two decades about human trafficking. Chong Kim speaks passionately about the signs and harms of Human Trafficking through her lived experience. She's been recognized as a guest appearance on CNBC, CNN & Other National Talk Shows. She also has a book called, Broken Silence which depicts details of her childhood and trafficking experience. You can purchase your copy on her website. Ms. Kim's mission is to make all aware of the signs of the kidnapping and of trafficking. 

Chong Kim has been given awards for her activism and her heroism as the first Asian American to share her triumph in surviving Human Trafficking. To learn more about Ms. Kim, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & TikTok @iamchongkim or visit her site at

Keywords: childhood abuse, trafficking, kidnapping, advocate, FBI, Broken Silence, Asian American, human trafficking

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