Cody Jensen and Rich Killian

2017 | 51:20 | Business |

Join Jeff and Ryan and their guests Cody Jensen, CEO of Search Bloom and Rich Killian, CEO of Prospect Equities. Cody Jensen grew up in small town just north of Salt Lake City, UT. He is the oldest of three siblings and is in every sense a true family man. He attended Fremont high school where he excelled in Golf, He still maintains a 3 handicap. After graduating high school; he attended the Woodbury School of Business where his true passion for technology was conceived. Mr. Killian serves as CEO for Prospect Equities® and oversees its development, management, marketing, and operations. His focus is the expansion of Prospect Equities® as an international brand name and franchise system. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, and is a Harvard University alumnus. In addition to the founding role of Prospect Equities®, he has founded, operated, and/or acquired over two dozen companies.

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