Dan The Man - Professional Concierge Shares Humor and A Positive, Winning Mind-Set

2018 | 1:03:55 | RHG TV Network |

Dan The Man is the author of "Hi, I Am Dan the Man Your Concierge" How To Operate A Men's Nightclub Restroom and Become Successful.
His delightfully humorous book provides a serious education about the reality of working a men's nightclub restroom in the hospitality industry—a fun part-time job with the potential for an amazing income—but only for those with the exuberance of a positive, winning mind-set!
Professional concierges take pride in their work, and Dan the Man shows how it's done. With raw, slice-of-life conversations emphasizing the fun and humorous side of this business, "Hi, I Am Dan the Man, Your Concierge" contains tips and wisdom that can be applied to all customer service and hospitality careers!

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