Dare to Dream a New Dream

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Have you ever had a dream shattered? One that you wanted so badly you were willing to work tirelessly to make it happen? But it didn't work out as you hoped? What did you do then?

My next guest has one of those dreams. You'll be inspired to learn what she's doing because her dream has not happened as planned.

I'm bringing back this inspiring conversation with Carrie Severson because we need to be reminded of what we can do when dreams take a detour. 

As a journalist and author, rejection comes with the territory. How do you not lose your motivation to make your dream come true?  

Carrie shares with us what keeps her dream alive. She unveils her story, the emotional roller coaster ride, and the gems she learned from the journey. I invite you to watch it. 

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Keywords: Rejection, Resilience, Courage, Dare to Dream, Upside Down to Right Side Up, Tips for the Transition

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