Desiree Gerretzen, Accelerate Your Dreams Into Reality Faster Than Ever Possible Before

2018 | 1:01:15 | RHG TV Network |

Desiree Paula Maria is an author, speaker, transformational healer and Akashic Records Specialist who works with Divine Spirit and a team of spirit guides, archangels and Beings of light to assist you in receiving clarity as she is also a certified healer in the quantum field where all the answers to your questions reside. Working with Desiree will allow you to accelerate your dreams into reality faster than ever possible before. She shares why it so important to have a dream and how energy work helps you find and live your dreams. Desiree also tells us how an Akashic Record reading will help you with dream realization.

Keywords: Catherine Laub, Desiree Gerretzen, The Celestial Spoon, Your Turquoise Angel Guide, Mental Illness, Psychic, Akashic Records Specialist

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