Dr. Lara May Be Empowered by Encompassing Energy Medicine, Intuitive Healing & Integrative Nutrition

2018 | 1:03:20 | RHG TV Network |

Dr. Lara May, PharmD moved to Lake Tahoe after completing her residency in Clinical Pharmacotherapy. She has worked as a clinical pharmacist in emergency rooms and adult acute care for almost a decade, counseling nurses, doctors, patients & families about medication regimens and maximizing treatment outcomes. Lara started studying & practicing reiki & energy medicine in 2014. Her passion has grown from "band-aid medicine" into empowering women to truly heal themselves on the physical, mental & spiritual levels. In 2016, Lara attended & graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, New York. Now, as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lara has built her coaching practice to encompass energy medicine, intuitive healing & integrative nutrition. All with the intention of empowering the healing of her clients on multiple levels to maximize their results & happiness. In her spare time, Lara is an avid back-country snowboarder and aspiring triathlete.

Keywords: Catherine Laub, Dr. Lara May, The Celestial Spoon, Inspiration, Mental Illness, Psychic, Integrative Nutrition

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