Eating Healthy Out in Restaurants

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I share my tips on eating out as they are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. I do not eat the standard American diet because it is loaded with chemicals and fake ingredients that do not serve nutrients to my body and I can feel it immediately. Its been self defense to learn new habits. Going from horrific pain of autoimmune disease, to no pain at all, I don't jeopardize my health and I control what I eat. In this episode, I share my tips on eating out with friends, at friends and families homes, how I vet a restaurant before I walk in. What do I do if can not 'vet' the restaurant, I discuss the mindset of joining my party, but still avoiding foods that won't serve my body well. My tips are invaluable for anyone who is celebrating how good it feels to feel good and still have a social life.

You can hire me to help you navigate the mine field of food in the world. You set your health goals, and I inspire you achieve them.

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