Embracing the purpose of your soul with special guest Riya Wang

17:56 | RHG TV Network |

Join show host Aeriol Ascher as she sits down for a conversation with the amazing Riya Wang, Transformation Coach, Spiritual Mentor and one of the new Co-Author's of Awakened Leaders: Empowering Stories of Self-Healing, Triumph and Transformation. Riya shares her amazing story of transformation going from being sold to another family after birth and striving for self-worth and identity to an award winning spa owner and transformational leader. Riya's spiritual heart and business savvy will win you over! find Riya at: https://www.zenquency-artofhealing.com Reach out to Aeriol at: www.aeriolascher.com


Keywords: Coaching, Awakened Leaders, Co-Author, Transformation, Leader

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