Empathy, Compassion and Public Policy

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Leigh Bursey returns to deepen the conversation on empathy, compassion & public health policy. (If you missed his first interview, be sure to check it out!)

Leigh boldly states, "If we aren't practicing empathy, then we're practicing ignorance." 

Leigh passionately talks about helping the many people who are homeless due to poverty, addiction, and poor mental health. He inspires us to perceive these issues through a different lens. He supports the LGBTQ community and he advocates for public policy changes for short and long-term solutions to public health challenges. 

Your teen may especially enjoy these articles on Leigh & his stand/experience with music, suicide, and public policy:

1) https://www.recorder.ca/entertainment/local-arts/music-has-saved-my-life

2) https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/going-public-about-suicide

3) https://ottawasun.com/2017/07/16/inked-up-brockville-councillor-mixes-punk-politics-and-passion/wcm/ff44a20d-ef52-4e5e-8839-bfbcb54c21ed


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