Empowered Women as Refractive Thinkers

54:39 | RHG TV Network |

Join Rebecca as she talks to three of the authors of the latest edition of the Refractive Thinker, an academic journal that allows doctoral scholars a platform for publishing. Scholars will share their words of wisdom regarding what we have learned from various crisis within the current generation as global discussion continues to shape the business landscape. Join us for this insightful conversation with Dr. Chery Lentz, Dr. Marilyn K. Thomas, and Dr. Sharon Pugh. 

As always, you can find our host, Rebecca Hall Gruyter at the www.RHGTVnetwork.com or at www.yourpurposedrivenpractice.com. Our guests can be found online as well. Dr. Lentz at http://www.DrCherylLentz.com, Dr. Thomas, and Dr. Pugh at the Refractive Thinker website: http://refractivethinker.com.


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