Empowering Women to Speak up and Monetize their Mastery: an interview with Caterina Rando

19:13 | RHG TV Network |

In this episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul, Aeriol and Caterina Rando talk about the healing that takes place on the inside and how to monetize the value we bring to our world and to our clients. By healing our beliefs that we are not good enough or not strong enough or that somehow our voices don't matter in the world, we become empowered to serve from our own mastery. By addressing limiting beliefs and stuck emotional blocks we can heal ourselves of the limitations we set upon ourselves or that get in the way of us achieving our financial and personal goals.

Drop in an listen.⬇️

Happy Healing! 😃🙏

Aeriol Ascher


Keywords: empowerment, self care, self healing, business

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